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Wanna see something cool? 😎 Go to "vscode.dev" and start coding with Visual Studio Code entirely in your browser. Anywhere, anytime, on any device and tablet, with no install required 🧑‍💻🪄 Read the announcement 👉 aka.ms/vscode-dev-blog

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when you make some money, save and invest it. be smart about it! then, when you make even more money from that money, save and invest that too. eventually, if you do everything right, you die. but if it doesn’t work out, you die anyway.



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The problem

You're squandering time on Twitter. New (blazing-fast) libraries, hot 🔥 and spicy tips, and motivational quotes. You crave those dopamine snacks. And you feel like you *need* to keep scrolling through that fricking Twitter feed so that you don't miss anything important. FOMO 😨. FOMO at its finest.

You're squandering precious time ⏳

You keep taking dopamine hits 💉

You're suffering from FOMO 🙀

Create a todo appwith Svelte, Redux+ ReasonML-GraphQLin 17 simple stepsNew coursereleased!!!Create e2eencrypted,typedBE-agnosticdesign systems!Only $499 🔥🔥🔥

This solution

I'mma be honest with you. I won't over-promise and under-deliver. You will still be addicted to Twitter as a TwitterFOMO user and subscriber 📧. The FOMO will NOT fully go away. However, you will have enough confidence that you won't miss anything important so that scrolling 📱 through that fricking Twitter feed will NOT be the last thing you do before you go to sleep 🛌 and the first after you wake up ☀️.

You lower your Twitter addiction 📵

Your FOMO will become less severe 😌

No more scrolling in the bed 💤

So what are you waiting for?

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Still got questions?

Is TwitterFOMO open-source?

Yes! You can view it and be amazed by the most clean code ever on github.com/tomdohnal/twitter-fomo. (I kindly ask you to give it a star. 🙃)

How did you make those animated SVGs?

Using react-spring! And a bit of magic. I started making videos about those on my YouTube channel. I kindly ask you to ABSOLUTELY BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!! (You don't have to, lol.)

How are the top tweets curated?

The tweets are gathered from a handpicked list of accounts tweeting about "webdev" from which we’re selected the most liked ones.

How does the newsletter work?

Currently, we’re sending the newsletter on a monthly basis and it includes the most liked tweets in a month. However, I'm considering creating a tailor-made newsletter which you’ll have the option to get weekly and also filter out only the types of tweets you’d like to get.

How to filter out “off-topic” tweets?

I get it. You want to read what’s new in webdev and you’re shown a picture of cute little kittens instead. (Nothing against posting these on Twitter, of course!) Currently, the only thing that might help is to filter the tweets according to their types (e. g. show only text tweets). But I am considering a more sophisticated system to only show relevant tweets in the future! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I saw a popular tweet on Twitter but it’s not showing up here!!?!?? 😡🤬🤯

Yes, that can happen. The list of the accounts whose tweets are traversed is limited (and handpicked) and although I tried hard not to miss any “big” accounts I still might have missed them. Or there simply could have been a popular tweet from a “small” account which are not in the DB. You can DM me on Twitter to fix this!

What tech stack does TwitterFOMO use?

ALL THE BUZZWORDS!!! React.js, ChakraUI, Next.js, Prisma, Vercel and I’m just scratching the surface.

Who’s behind TwitterFOMO?

TwitterFOMO author

I was sick and tired of wasting countless hours mindlessly scrolling through Twitter hoping to get a dopamine hit by seeing yet another new framework, hot tip 🔥, or a motivational quote. So I decided to indulge in over-engineering and premature optimization instead and created this tool 🛠.

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